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Martin is endorsed by the Japanese company CANOPUS DRUMS
Italian UFIP Cymbals,
American Innovative Percussion and
Evans Drumheads
Tom Toms 10″ x 8″, 12″ x 8″
Floor Toms 14″ x 13″, 16″ x 15″
Bass Drums 18″ x 14″, 20″ x 15″, 22″ x 15″
CANOPUS Snare Zelkova 14″ x 6,5″
CANOPUS Hardware – Light Weight Hi-Hat, Snare and Cymbal Stands
CANOPUS Vintage Snare Wire
CANOPUS Accessories – Bolt Tight, Red Lock, Speed Star Bearing
 UFIP Cymbals
Experience Collector Ride 20″
Experience Blast Crash 18″
Natural Crash Ride 20″
Natural Hi-Hat 15″


 Innovative Percussion
All kinds of sticks, brushes and mallets by Innovative Percussion.


 Evans Drumheads
All kinds of drumheads by Evans.